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Antoine Carlier,
Expert total rewards

International Compensation & Benefits Director (AT&T, Lucent Technologies and Avaya). International experience (France, Europe, US, Latin America), French/American culture.

Antoine Carlier is a FNC Human Resources partner in the fields of compensation, benefits or global mobility.




Isabelle MOUNIER-KUHN, Coach for executive leaders

Isabelle Mounier-Kuhn is a FNC Human Resources partner to meet the needs of coaching of executive leaders.

Isabelle Mounier-Kuhn coaches executive leaders in key moments of their lives. Her book, ‘’positionnement professionnel et réseaux’’ helps to reconsider the effectiveness of its career path and shows the interaction between work life and « relational systems.’’




Svetlana Alexeeva English French Translator and Interpreter

Svetlana Alexeeva is a FNC Human Resources partner to meet the needs of translation for English Speaking companies.
She is certified by the court of Blois. She is also legal expert in translation at the court of appeal of Orléans.


Valérie de Valicourt, Learning and Development consultant

Valérie de Valicourt is a FNC Human Resource Partner in the field of Learning and Development.
Specialized in fun and interactive instructions, she has worked for 15 years in large groups as trainer, training manager or training project leader.



Christophe Lejeune, Safety consultant

Christophe Lejeune is a FNC Human Resources partner in the field of safety in the workplaces.

Fireman over 15 years, he is certified SSIAP 3. His expertise is based on audit, consulting and training.


Philippe Care

Phillipe Care is a FNC Human Resources partner in the field of employment/retirement.

His book ‘’Comment gérer la transition emploi/retraite’’ ’ offers tools and practices to assist companies and employees in achieving this difficult move.