HR Consulting

HR Consulting

Do you want to optimize your teams’ performance?  
FNC Human Resources assists you in developing your human capital through improving its operational performance.

Maximize your HR Processes

A HR Audit will tell you exactly where your company is at risk and how to fix it. We conduct a comprehensive, confidential audit of all your HR practices, procedures and policies and make the appropriate recommendation.

Employees Relations, Conflict Resolution, Médiation

It is important to create and sustain a positive, supportive and safe environment for all employees. FNC Human Resources assists you with difficult issues in managing individuals or teams with appropriate solutions by providing training, conflict resolution, mediation.


Internal Communication

A sustainable competitive advantage any organization can achieve is through the development of an engaged workforce. FNC Human Resources helps you to boost morale and improve results:

- Analysis of your engagement survey results, diagnosis and recommendation,

- Design or revise the internal communication plan

- Prepare, communicate, and train the employees on the corporate messages (code of ethics, corporate values…) through workshops, all hands meetings, etc.


Labor Relations

FNC Human Resources helps you to develop long term labor relations strategies that align with your business plan. We assist you in the preparation of the regular meetings with work council; as well as the signature of collective agreements or the conflicts’ resolution (negotiation, mediation).

Performance management

FNC Human Resources designs or revises your performance management system that will ensure you are getting the most of your employees.

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