Who are you searching for?

The excellent knowledge in the field allows FNC Human Resources during the initial phase of the needs analysis to qualify precisely the profile of an ideal candidate.


FNC Human Resources meets with all relevant parties, including the General Manager if necessary, the HR manager and the hiring manager to establish the complete job analysis, after a perfect understanding of the position’s environment, issues and priorities.


FNC Human Resources has developed a particular expertise in the following sectors: Luxury, Fashion, Distribution, Hospitality Industry, IT and Telecom, and Business Services .

For more information, please contact us. We will reply within 10 hours.

Note: All information received from the client company and candidate is treated confidentially.

How to find the right candidate?

Once the detailed job description and the profile are identified FNC Human Resources defines the most appropriate search strategy.

Talents selection

All FNC Human Resources selected candidates have been pre-qualified in a telephone interview followed up by in-depth individual interviews.

Make the right choice

A short-list of candidates is presented to the company; each candidate is subject to a full application file. FNC Human Resources assists the company and the applicant to clarify the final decision.

Candidates’ references are systematically verified.


Missions conducted recently

IT Director, Software Engineer - IT and Telecom sector

Controller, Accounting Manager, Business Analyst – Business services, Fashion/Retail, Telecom

EMEA HR Director, HR Manager, Payroll Manager, Training Manager, Employment Law Attorney – Business services, Telecom, IT, Internet, Luxury, Hospitality industry

Content Manager, Product Manager - Internet 

Managing Director, Site director -  Business services

Sales Executive, Account Manager, Sales Engineer –  Fashion/Retail, Telecom Industry

Marketing Director, Marketing Manager – Fashion/Retail, Telecom